Pidan Studio Shake-Shake Feather Teaser Toy Self Adhesive/Suction


  • $19.99
  • Save $4

AUTOMATICALLY ENTERTAINED - Your cats are not alone, “Shake-Shake” will be his/her new companion at home.


SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN: Not your average cat toy, a hand-picked goose feather water-dyed with natural non-toxic color; aluminum alloy connection parts, durable TPV and TPC  body parts give the toy a solid support for longer fun.


INTERCHANGEABLE FEATHER HEAD: Only the feather head needs to be replaced - a wise investment, new heads will be released soon! One purchase, endless possibilities.


Missing your furry friend at home? Worried about him/her being too lonely without you?

Hey, now you can concentrate on your work, because… “Shake-Shake” soft cat feather teaser wand cat toy will make your cats happy even when you’re away!  Give your pals a paws up, an entertaining toy with superior quality and cool look!

Simply stick “Shake-shake” on any polished surface - glass, table legs, doors and ceramic floors … No glue needed, once there, fun is there.



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