Pidan Feather Wand Teaser - 3 Pack Feather Refill


  • $12.99

Product Highlights

EASILY INTERCHANGEABLE - add variety to your cat's life with three durable feather refills for you cat wand. 

HIGH QUALITY - manually water dyed goose feather that mimics the exotic feathers of the Nicobar Pigeon found in coastal regions of Southeast Asia

COMPATIBLE & EASY TO ATTACH - no need to worry about hard to use clasps, our refills screw on quickly to the Pidan Cat Feather Wand. So your cat can immediately play with the feathers straight from the package. 

RECOMMENDED BY CAT LOVERS - The key to happy and healthy cats is more play time and our feather teasers are a perfect toy for any cat lover. Watch as your cat stalks the feathers like a tiger in the rainforest, and once it catches the feather it will be strutting around the house with pride.   

Features: Hand selected goose feather,

                Water-dyed with natural color

Intended for: Cats

Environment: Indoor

Dimensions: H:14.5cm - 17cm

                   H:5.7inch -6.7inch

Material: Goose Feather, Aluminum Alloy


  1. Cut the sticker at the opening of box
  2. Take out goose feather head from inner package.
  3. Screw to applicable product.  Eg. feather wand


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