PETKIT is a Pet Technology Brand featuring the most up-to-date technologies in the pet industry. Our products consist of WIFI and Bluetooth Enabled Pet Products consisting of Activity Trackers, WIFI Enabled HD Video Monitors, and Smart Pet Bowls, all meant to help promote a happier and healthier pet. Track consumption, Activity or see what your buddy is upright on your smartphone device. PETKIT began its launch in 2014 featuring a team of over 100 employees with tech engineers involved in developing products for tech giants such as Android and Microsoft. Our team consists of Engineers, R&D, Data Integrators, Code writers, Web and APP Developers, Marketers, Product Developers with a large Creative staff. Compared to other manufacturers in the Tech industry, PETKIT has the resources to continue its growth and launch of newer Pet Tech products in the industry for substantial growth and expansion in the Pet Tech market. PETKIT's products can be viewed at Retailers across the globe and in such a short period of time. PETKIT is seeking to become the next and greatest Pet Tech giant in the industry with larger goals as a stronger marketing budget. PETKIT is at the cutting edge of it all. Our APPS and Sub-APPS are social compliant with added API integrations.