Pidan Snow House Igloo Cat Litter Box - Pink


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Product Highlights

AWARD WINNING DESIGN: The Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box was awarded the Red Dot Award design by the Red Dot Design Museum Germany in 2016. The litter box was recognized for its creative design and innovative use. 

#1 PRODUCT: The Igloo Cat Litter Box is the premier product of Pidan Studio and has sold over 30,000 internationally for the launch year!


Made of Polypropylene(PP) - a eco-friendly material, which is fully recyclable, low density, less impact on environment. The entire little box is enhanced with IONPURE, an innovative antimicrobial technology from Japan, which ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for your cat and your family. 

LESS MESS: A special internal container will prevent excess drainage from the litter box for a tidier home. Gently lift the spherical top cover to reveal the igloo basin for quick and easy clean up. No more scattered litter on the floor!

PERFECT FOR CAT OWNERS: The design helps contain the smell and helps muffle the sound of you cat digging or scratching at night. 

Features: Red Dot Design Award 2016

Intended for: Cat

Environment: Indoor

Dimensions: H:49.25cm W: 52.00cm R:25cm

                   H:19.39inch W:20.47inch R:9.84inch

Material: PP


  1. Cut the tape at the opening of box
  2. Push down the entrance top trim to make a gap at the bottom on the other side.
  3. Put hand between the gap and hold the entrance top trim to lift the cover to reveal the basin.


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