Pidan Feather Wand Teaser - White


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Product Highlights

It’s time for your favorite feline to play!  A good choice for you and your feline to have quality time together!

HIGH QUALITY - an unbreakable cat wand made from strong carbon fiber with a polished oak handle. 

MADE WITH CARE - manually water dyed goose feathers with no chemical dyes and will not fall apart from use.

INTERACTIVE FUN- 18 inches long and easy to use with a flick of a wrist.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - feather heads can be swapped with replacement heads for different variations.

PLAYTIME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME - watch as your cat stalks the feathers around the house. Cats go crazy over catching the feathers.    

A wonderful gift for any cat lover.

Features: Hand polished silky oak handle with no paint.

              Strong Carbon Fiber

Intended for: Cats

Environment: Indoor

Dimensions: 44.8cm - 47.3cm

                   17.6inch - 18.6 inch

Material: Goose Feather, Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber, Wood


  1. Cut the sticker at the opening of box
  2. Take out goose feather head from inner package, take out oak handle, take out stick
  3. Screw tight goose feather head and oak handle to carbon fiber stick.

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